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I was determined to find as many things as I could for the Doctor Who Scavenger Hunt.  I even more my 11 shirt for most of the pictures.  Starting from top they are:

  1. Bowtie - The only bowties I could find in the store were kids
  2. Phone Box/Tardis - This lantern I found in an antique store that kind of looks like a phone box
  3. Stetson - For some reason the hat made me grow a second chin
  4. Creepy furniture from the 1980s - I don’t know how creepy the couch is but it looks like it’s from the ’80s.  Although I did sink down pretty far and they couch and it was really dirty so it was kind of creepy to sit on.
  5. Roman Soldier/Guard - These Nutcrackers would be great at guarding my Christmas tree.
  6. Fez - I couldn’t find a fez in any of the places I went to, but I did find this little red bucket than kind of looks like a Fez on my head.
  7. A foot - my foot.
  8. [Weeping Angel] Statue - My mom’s angel statuettes.  Don’t be fooled by their halos, if you turn your back they get you.
  9. Peg doll - My little doll is kind of like a peg doll right?
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