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This is genius and hilarious, watch this


Serious Satire of the Day: The Chaser’s political satire series Yes We Canberra! pokes fun the gay marriage debate with a same-sex spoof of the Old Spice Guy ad.


With yesterday’s historic vote in New York just remember

Yes let’s celebrate the little victory they had in New York, but remember it’s just a little victory, there is still only 6 out of 50 states that allow homosexuals to legally marry. I totally agree that every little victory should be celebrated because of the work that goes in to each little victory, but remember there is still a lot of fighting to do. Twenty-five states allow first cousins to marry. So I think there should be a bigger party when there is 26 states that legally allow homosexuals to marry, because then there are at least more states that allow that gays to marry than there are that allow first cousins. Hey and while we’re at it, we don’t those 25 states that allow first cousins to marry rethink those laws.

(Source: ilovecharts)